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Welcome to the Licking County Republican Party’s Website. We are proud of our fine Republican office holders and our solid Republican volunteers. We would welcome your participation in our Republican Party events. Click on our links and get to know our Republican Party. Licking County is the place to live and enjoy the values of good government and good people. Vote Republican and keep our party growing.


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Newark A Great Community in Which To Live, Work, & Raise A Family – By Jeff Hall – Mayor of Newark

Posted on: February 5th, 2018 by


Newark A Great Community in Which To Live, Work, &

Raise A FamilyBy Jeff Hall – Mayor of Newark

Newark is experiencing many positive changes, as we strive to make Newark a great community in which to live, work, and raise a family. Progress is being accomplished with the wonderful support of our citizens and community minded individuals, businesses, and organizations through various public-private partnerships.

Economic Development continues in Newark with the guidance of the Newark Department of Development along with our local Community Improvement Corporation, Newark Development Partners. The Downtown Utility Improvement and Renovation Project has motivated new business in our downtown district along with second and third floor loft apartments. This project is transitioning our downtown into an improved destination and commercial district with the recognition by many groups across the state.

A new, two-way traffic, pedestrian-friendly, bridge opened to traffic in November on State Rte 13 over State Rte 16, enhancing our gateway into downtown. With strong support from Newark Development Partners and local private donors, Newark City School’s White Field has transitioned into a beautiful, upgraded sports facility with synthetic turf for not only football, but also Soccer, Lacrosse, and Band Competition.  This past year brought great news to our community as a group purchased the Cherry Valley Lodge. The addition of an indoor event center was made possible with a creative agreement between the purchaser, City of Newark, and Explore Licking County. Projects such as the Downtown Renovation and White Field make our community shine. It’s this “shine” that attracts businesses, capital investment and jobs. A stronger community provides jobs and additional funding to the many nonprofits in our area to help citizens that need assistance.

The Newark Division of Police and the Newark Division of Fire/Emergency Medical Services continue to provide outstanding safety, customer care and life-saving services to our community. Our city park system continues to improve to provide areas for healthy, outdoor sports and activities for both children and adults. The Canal Market District and Pavilion has completed its second season, once again providing good entertainment for the community and fresh, healthy food through its Farmer’s Market. In cooperation with funding and assistance from the TJ Evans Foundation, a skate park facility will be added at Everett Park. This will provide a safe environment for skate boarders and bicyclists.  We continue to gain operating efficiencies and increased customer service through the practice of strong fiscal awareness, proper research and planning, updated logistics, and the use of new and improved technology and software.

Thank you for your wonderful support of our city. Newark is poised to have another great year in 2018 with additional growth and improvement.


WOW! What a year for Newark with more to come in 2018!!  By Don Ellington, President Newark City Council

Newark had a Great 2017.  Our Newark downtown area and the County Courthouse has been completely updated these past two years.  Many small businesses are starting to pop up in the downtown area.  Our Public/Private Farmers Park’s $2 Million Dollar partnership had a very successful 2nd year with the Tuesday/Friday Farmers Market and many other events.  Nework opened as an interactive place for business incubation and new small business growth.  The Historic Haunted Jail had a renovation/cleaning and had another successful Halloween season.  Light the Night Car Show was back with a huge event on the square.  The Midland Theater and Thirty One West (a live music & art venue) both continue to be shining stars with many big name entertainment events this past year and coming in 2018!  The Cherry Valley Lodge was purchased and is going through millions of dollars of renovation to become a large hotel/convention center for the area. Finally, Longaberger basket was purchased and the property looks to become a mixed use development with boutique hotel/ business/ restaurant components to upgrade the area.



Licking County Republican Women’s Club dinner mtg Wed, Feb 21

Posted on: February 5th, 2018 by

Licking County Republican Women’s Club dinner mtg Wed, Feb 21 at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton-Newark, 50 North 1st Street, Downtown Newark. Social begins at 6pm (it’s ½ price wine night!). Our program features Carol O’Brien, Delaware County Prosecutor and Candidate for US Congress from Ohio’s 12th District (this is the seat that was vacated by Pat Tiberi). Carol will share her experiences and her vision in running for US Congress. Come enjoy the evening filled with camaraderie and friendship. Please RSVP by 2/19 at NOON (the sooner the better): (740) 404-8865 (text or voice). (The LCRW is required to pay for all dinners ordered by 5pm on 2/19. Anyone cancelling after the deadline is responsible to pay $17/pp.)

Licking County Treasurer’s Report- Financially Sound & Service First- By Olivia Parkinson – County Treasurer

Posted on: February 1st, 2018 by

Licking County Treasurer’s Report- Financially Sound & Service First- By Olivia Parkinson – County Treasurer


  • § Interest income from investments continue to increase, topping $1 million for 2017.
  • § The Licking County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Land Bank”) has demolished and cleaned up over 38 abandoned and delinquent houses in Newark, Buckeye Lake and Pataskala.  We have another 25-30 in our pipeline for demo in 2018.  Most of this work has been done utilizing grant funds through Neighborhood Initiative Program.
  • § The Land Bank successfully cleaned up the abandoned gas station at the corner of Deo and Mt. Vernon Rds, using funds from an “Abandoned Gas Station Grant” at the Ohio Developmental Services.
  • § Our new website includes the ability for tax payers to see the past 3 years history for a parcel, as well as the taxes paid for those years.
  • Reassignment of duties will allow for staff of the Treasurer’s office to focus partially on helping connect elderly homeowners with resources in the County to allow them to stay in their homes.

Before Pictures                                    After Pictures



Prosecuting The Serious Crimes of Today Requires a Team Dedicated to Knowing the Problems of Today By Bill Hayes, Licking County Prosecutor

Posted on: January 31st, 2018 by

Prosecuting The Serious Crimes of Today Requires a Team Dedicated to Knowing the Problems of Today

By Bill Hayes, Licking County Prosecutor

As Licking County’s Prosecutor, I’m glad to share with you some of the work and activities of the five (5) Divisions of the Prosecutor’s Office that render service to the citizens of Licking county.  The Civil Division headed by Carolyn Carnes is responsible for representing all of the county’s elected officials, boards, and commissions.  This Division also represents and protects the county’s interest in litigation matters, including foreclosure and other actions.  In 2017, one of the matters we were involved in was filing a foreclosure action on the Longaberger property (The Basket).  We recognize the insight of our County Treasurer, Olivia Parkinson, for her recommendation that the foreclosure proceedings be initiated and her support during the course of this action.  Although the property sold at private sale, we believe the potential of an approaching foreclosure auction of the property encouraged what finally resulted in the sale of The Basket and the payment of over $800,000.

in delinquent taxes from the proceeds. The Juvenile Division headed by Jenny Gonzalez is responsible for protecting children who are at risk and prosecuting youngsters who have violated the law.   During 2017 there was a tremendous rise in the number of cases where children were removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect on the part of their parents or custodians. In most instances, the use of drugs by the adults charged with the care of the children was the cause of the intervention.   By year end, we had prosecuted approximately 50% more cases of this type than we had in 2016.  Over 500 kids were in protective care by the end of 2017.   This increase in case load created a significant burden on the staffs of Job and Family Services, the Juvenile Court, the Juvenile Probation Department, Law Enforcement, and our office.  The financial impact on the county to place the children in foster care or other safe locations was and continues to be very significant.

The Felony Division saw a significant increase in case load during 2017, primarily due to the drug epidemic. The Licking County Grand Jury issued 975 indictments during the year.  The Felony Division works with the thirteen (13) different Law Enforcement agencies across Licking county, reviewing charges brought to the office for consideration of felony charges.  During 2017 a significant effort was made to charge and convict those individuals who sold or provided dangerous drugs to persons who overdosed and died.  These are difficult cases to prove and require outstanding work on the part of law enforcement.  The Licking County community is fortunate to have the Central Ohio Drug Enforcement task force whose officers are passionate about seeking justice against those who are involved in the drug culture in our community.  The Victim’s Advocate Division headed by Mark Weiner provides support to victims and their families who have been impacted by criminal activity.  A tremendous work is done by Mark and those who assist him by keeping victims connected and informed about the legal process, directing them to appropriate services and giving them encouragement and support. The Chaplains Division was established in January 2017.  We believe it is the only Chaplain Division in any Prosecutor’s office in Ohio.   Headed by Cliff Biggers, former Newark Police Detective, this Division is responsible for providing support when requested by those effected by the activities in which the Prosecutor’s office may be involved.  Chaplain Biggers has recruited 7 Associate Chaplains to date, with the goal to reach 12 in number in 2018, so that each law enforcement agency in the county will have a chaplain available to them if and when needed.   The chaplains also assist Mark Weiner with the work of the Victim’s Advocacy Division when called upon.  For example, when the Kirkersville shooting incident occurred in May 2017, two chaplains were at the scene in Kirkersville, one was at Licking Memorial with the family of one of the victims, another was at the 911 center to be available as needed by the 911 dispatchers involved in the incident.   Having a large group of persons willing to serve as Chaplain readies us to meet the needs of those who seek assistance, whether it be in a case involving a large number of folks, or a situation where just one person needs help.   Our team of Associate Chaplains are very committed to the work we’ve called on them to do.  They are volunteers and receive no compensation other than the pleasure of serving.


Service 1st Through Efficiencies – County Clerk of Court’s Review – By Gary Walters, Licking County Clerk of Courts

Posted on: January 30th, 2018 by

Service 1st Through Efficiencies – County Clerk of Court’s Review – By Gary Walters, Licking County Clerk of Courts

Last year was a very busy year in the Clerk’s office.  The title office produced over 130,000 titles and the Legal side processed 165,000 filings.  These numbers were accomplished while many changes were occurring.  We are hopeful that we have provided good service to the citizens of Licking County.

General Division Review: The General Division of the Clerk’s Office had a busy 2017 with the Courthouse renovation project.  The office was relocated to the ground floor for roughly three months while the new elevator was installed.  The staff was able to return to our completely remodeled office at the end of October.  In addition to all of the challenges created by the renovation project, the staff also saw a significant increase in civil and criminal filings this year.   When compared to last year’s numbers, an additional 300 criminal and 100 civil cases were processed.  Our staff worked diligently to keep up with this increased workload, while striving to provide excellent service to the citizens of Licking County.

Title Office Review:  We upgraded to a new titling system in January of 2017 which enhanced the performance of issuing titles.  Another change is Ohio House Bill 432 which now allows a surviving spouse to transfer an unlimited number of motor vehicles into their name as long as the vehicle value does not exceed $65,000.  Our main office continues to be located at 877 East Main Street in Newark and our branch office is located at 316 Township Road in Pataskala.  We are excited to announce we are opening a second branch office in New Albany at 12938 Worthington Road.  We believe a title office would greatly benefit the residents and dealers in this area.  We are hopeful this facility will be completed around August 1, 2018.

Domestic Division Review:   In 2017, the Domestic Clerk of Courts had several changes over the year.  In preparation for the new Record’s Center our staff has been working diligently to prepare files for the transfer of our records. These include scanning, inventorying cataloging, labeling, and tracking all records.  There was a slight increase in the number of cases filed in 2017.  We have implemented taking credit cards for court costs and fees along with online payment of court costs.  The Clerk’s office is in the process implementing Fed Ex as one of our service methods for service documents.


From the Ohio Statehouse -Senator Jay Hottinger and State Representative Scott Ryan

Posted on: January 29th, 2018 by


State Senator Jay Hottinger – As Licking County’s State Senator and a lifelong resident of the county, I go to the Statehouse focused on making our community a better place to live and raise a family. To make Licking County the best place to call home, I support legislation and seek partnerships that incentivize job creation and investment here. In 2017, I sought to create more jobs for our hard-working residents by partnering with JobsOhio to secure Facebook’s investment in our county, I worked with community leaders to tackle important local issues such as keeping Newark Digital Academy open to serve our county’s most at-risk students, and I doubled the tax deduction available to all Ohioans who are saving for a loved one’s college education to $4,000 per year. Also, I am proud that in 2017 for the 25th time in my 26 years of service to the people of Licking County, I had perfect attendance and did not miss any of the 176 votes cast in the Ohio Senate. My work at the Statehouse is not complete though. In 2018, as I run for re-election, I am focused on slowing the pipeline of addiction that has led our state into an opioid epidemic. To prevent teen abuse of opioids, I have introduced legislation that would reduce the number of opioids that teens and others receive following a surgery by aligning Ohio’s prescribing guidelines for acute pain with the CDC’s guidelines. Also, following the tragic events in Kirkersville, I have focused on giving victims of violence better protections by introducing legislation that will increase the penalty for the repeat violation of a protection order. After speaking with Prosecutor Bill Hayes, I am confident the stiffer penalties in my bill will give police officers and prosecutors the ability to put more violent offenders in prison and away from their victims.

Representative Scott Ryan 2017 was a very busy year at the Statehouse. We began with the biennial state budget and I am happy to report that as Vice Chair of the Finance Committee and one of three house members on the Conference Committee, Licking County perspectives certainly had a prominent seat at the table throughout the process. This budget kept the growth of the general revenue fund under the rate of inflation for the first time in many years. While this General Assembly was charged with eliminating over one billion dollars from the executive proposed version, we were still able to focus $176 million new dollars toward the opiate/mental health challenges facing our state as well as significant additional funding for K-12 education.  Space will not permit a detailed review, but I have sponsored several bills pertaining to various topics including:  local government road funding, reducing bureaucracy in times of a declared disaster, scope of practice in behavioral health, and reducing local government cost by allowing for current technology to replace many certified mail requirements. I believe all of these initiatives stand a strong chance of reaching the Governor, and hopefully receiving his signature.  Looking forward to 2018, I can share that I am actively involved in several discussions and work groups that could have exciting positive ramifications for Licking County and the State of Ohio. I am well positioned to give your opinions a voice in your state government. Current formal assignments include: Vice Chair of the Finance Committee, member of the Controlling Board, Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee, Speakers Task Force on the Opiate Epidemic, Rules and Reference Committee, Ways and Means Committee, and State and Local Government Committee.   As always, please reach out to me with your opinions and areas of concern.

Yost for Attorney General

Posted on: January 9th, 2018 by

Save the Date – March 13th Licking County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner –

Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by

Save the Date – March 13th Licking County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner – Pre-Paid Rsvps Required due to space limitations.  Thank you.




Mike Gibbons for US Senate Town Hall Meeting

Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by

Mike Gibbons for US Senate Town Hall Meeting on January 20, 2018 at the Licking County Main Downtown Library in Newark at 2:30pm.

information can be found in this link.

Republican Women’s Club Meeting – Wednesday, January 17

Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by

The Licking County Republican Women’s Club Meeting – Wednesday, January 17 at Palumbo’s Italian Market, 26 North Park Place, Downtown Newark. Social begins at 6pm. Program features Dan Moder, Executive Director of Explore Licking County. Dan will present “Explore Licking County – The 700 Square-Mile Bird’s-Eye View”. Come enjoy the evening with friends and listen to Dan share points of interest about our wonderful Licking County! Please RSVP by 1/16 at 5pm: (740) 404-8865 (text or voice). (The LCRW is required to pay for all dinners ordered by 5pm on 1/16. Anyone cancelling after the deadline is responsible to pay $17/pp.)