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Message from Licking County Republican Party

Welcome to the Licking County Republican Party’s Website. We are proud of our fine Republican office holders and our solid Republican volunteers. We would welcome your participation in our Republican Party events. Click on our links and get to know our Republican Party. Licking County is the place to live and enjoy the values of good government and good people. Vote Republican and keep our party growing.


Executive Committee

Licking County Republican Party Executive Committee
Billie (Fiore)Zimmers, Chair 740-345-0500
Richard Harris, 1st Vice Chair ;  Cheryl Robertson, SecretaryMembers: 

Greg Crist

Jeff H Hall

Curtis W Johnson

Tyler Ridella

Jeffrey M Rath

David Underhill

Eva Wray

Rod Yost

Richard Harris

Richard Salvage

Lonnie Taylor

Cheryl Robertson

Melissa Shilling

Frank Kennedy

Randal Almendinger

June Moore

Billie (Fiore) Zimmers

Park Shai

Jed Hood

Jeff Harris

Larry Wise

Roy Vanatta

Sarah Kennedy

Pat Ford

Carolyn G Hayes

Jack Stickle

B. Kevin Bennett

Chad Dennis

J. Marc Camp

Tony Adams

Vicki Sugar

Helen Hall

David Rhodes

Margie Williams

Don Ellington

Beth Yocum

Mary Lollo

Bill Mason

Gail Wince

Ryan Green