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Message from Licking County Republican Party

Welcome to the Licking County Republican Party’s Website. We are proud of our fine Republican office holders and our solid Republican volunteers. We would welcome your participation in our Republican Party events. Click on our links and get to know our Republican Party. Licking County is the place to live and enjoy the values of good government and good people. Vote Republican and keep our party growing.


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Ohio’s 18 electors cast their votes for President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

Posted on: December 19th, 2016 by

Today, Ohio’s 18 electors cast their votes for  President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence .




LCRP Judicial Salute Sept 15th. RSVP today! What a great line up. It’ll be a Wonderful night to honor longtime Judge Greg Frost, US District Court

Posted on: September 3rd, 2016 by

LCRP Judicial Salute Sept 15th. RSVP today! What a great line up. It’ll be a Wonderful night to honor longtime Judge Greg Frost, US District Court, Southern Division for his years of service on the Licking County Common Pleas Court as well as the US District Court. Plus, the Amazing Judiciary we have in this county and state. We will hear from Ret. Judge Jon Sparh, LC Common Pleas Judge Tom Marcelain, and others. We have special guest Appeals Court Judge Craig Baldwin, Appeals Court Judge & Candidate for Ohio Supreme Court Judge Pat Dewine, Appeals Court Judge & Candidate for Ohio Supreme Court Judge Pat Fischer, Judge David Gormley, Judge Richard Wright, Judge Duke Frost to name a few. Don’t miss this event!

Hartford Fair and Pataskala Street Fair Coming Soon – Can you volunteer?

Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by

Hartford Fair and Pataskala Street Fair Coming Soon – Can you volunteer at the Republican Booth? Email us at
Following are the time slots.

Hartford Fair NAME
Sunday, Aug 7th
11am -2pm Olivia P & Cheryl R.
2pm-5pm Jed H & Joan G.
5pm-8pm Joan G. & David G
Monday, Aug 8th
11am -2pm Nancy C & Nate
2pm-5pm June M. & NeilC/Beth
5pm-8pm -OPEN-
Tues., Aug 9th
11am -2pm Jane A & Judy K
2pm-5pm Scott H.
5pm-8pm -OPEN-
Wed., Aug 10th
11am -2pm -OPEN-
2pm-5pm Ryan Gr. & Margie/Beth
5pm-8pm Rod Y. & RickBur.
Thurs., Aug 11th
11am -2pm -OPEN-
2pm-5pm Bambi
5pm-8pm Chris R
Friday, Aug 12th
11am -2pm Bambi
2pm-5pm -OPEN-
5pm-8pm -OPEN-
Sat., Aug 13th
11am -2pm Brian M. & Randy A.
2pm-5pm Rozland F. & Phyllis O.
5pm-8pm -OPEN-

5pm-9pm -OPEN-Carolyn
THURSDAY, Aug 18th
1pm-5pm -OPEN-
5pm-9pm -OPEN-Carolyn
FRIDAY, Aug 19th
1pm-5pm -OPEN-
5pm-9pm -OPEN-Bill
SATURDAY, Aug 20th
1pm-5pm -OPEN-
5pm-9pm -OPEN-Bill

Licking County Republican Fall Slate of Candidates

Posted on: July 28th, 2016 by

Licking County Board of Elections

Posted on: March 9th, 2016 by

Licking County Board of Elections
Telephone: 740-670-5080

March 5 Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
March 7 – March 11 Monday – Friday 8 am to 7 pm
March 12 Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
March 13 Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm
March 14 Monday 8 am to 2 pm

Remember to Vote!

Posted on: October 19th, 2015 by

Nov 12th Lt Col Oliver North to honor Veterans at Denison University Reese-Shackleford Commons (Behind Slayter Union)3-5PM DenisonCRs sponsored

Posted on: October 31st, 2014 by

Updates – Patriots’ State of the State; Women’s Club Meeting; Update from Commissioner Tim Bubb

Posted on: January 4th, 2014 by

**Thursday, Jan. 9th – Licking County Republican Patriots Club’s Annual State of the State Address - Come hear from our State Representatives
and Senator about the state of the state. 6:30 Social; 7:00 Program; Where: Ballroom above the Republican HQ – info:
**Wednesday, January 15.- Licking County Republican Women’s Club’s monthly dinner meeting on Wednesday, January 15. Featured speaker will
be Matt Borges, Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Matt will speak about Visions for 2014 and the “Red to the Roots” campaign. Cost: $15 for dinner -Please RSVP LCRW President Jeanne Bolton at (740) 587-4248 by Monday, January 13 at Noon
Update from Tim Bubb, County Commissioner - This past year saw continued progress in cooperation with our Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) ‘Grow Licking County’ in bringing additional development and jobs to the County; as well as while providing new and improved County services, and remaking public buildings to better serve this growing community. The County, through its Emergency Management staff, finished construction and is currently finalizing the phone, electronic and high tech radio connections to bring on-line the new Licking County Regional Communications Center (LCRCC). The LCRCC will be one of the most sophisticated emergency communications and dispatching in the state, including the statewide MARCS emergency services network.  In 2013 we saw a number of positive developments in the area of economic and workforce development… In the Etna Corporate Park Speed FC moved into a 766-thousand sq. ft. distribution and customer service facility with 242 jobs retained and some 250 new jobs created. In the same western Licking County industrial park Menlo Logistics created a 318-thousand sq. ft. logistics and fulfillment center retaining 24-jobs and creating 63 full time positions. Also in Etna, Ascena Brands expanded their facility here by 550-thousand sq. ft., and will add 225 or more full time
positions to their current staff of some 300. Leaders at the Newark Campus of Ohio State and COTC announced plans for $25-million STEM Education facility. Enhancing workforce development, ground will be broken for the STEM Center this fall and with completion in 2015.  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. will open a development center focused on auto industry technology and process enhancements. 30-new jobs will be created at this facility in Hebron. Factors in Goodyear’s decision were quality local workforce and the location in the 79-70 high tech/development corridor. At the Port Authority site in Heath the German Company ‘xperion’ will locate its first North American plant in a 50-thousand sq. ft. building currently under construction. This ‘greenfield’ facility will manufacture composite auto tanks for use with compressed natural gas.  60-new jobs will be created.  On November 1st Owens Corning celebrated its 75th anniversary.  Fiberglas was invented here.  O-C’s largest manufacturing plant, in Newark, employees 575 and their Granville Science & Tech Center has a staff of 400.  In 2013 the Newark Plant, with the assistance of the County’s Opportunity Links, began new hiring as residential insulation manufacturing resumed.  In 2013 the ATEX multi-state liquid ethane pipeline was extended through Licking County.  Working with ODNR, to gain permission to bore under the Licking River and a section of Black Hand Gorge, Enterprise Pipeline donated a million dollars for reconstruction of the Black Hand Gorge bike and recreation trail. The Boeing Company committed to Licking County through 2021 with a 7-year extension of their contract with the Port
Authority in Heath.  Boeing leases the former Air Force Base clean rooms and advanced manufacturing space for the repair and overhaul of aerospace guidance and navigation systems.

What a Great Evening with the Licking County Republican Women’s Club at their Christmas Dinner

Posted on: December 20th, 2013 by

JoAnn Davidson Institute Grads

Jerry and June


Eva Carol Margie

Erna and Billie

Elaine and Jane

Curtis Brian Bill Elizabeth

Congressman Tiberi


Brian Mead and Cheryl Robertson

Rep Bill Hayes and Sen Schaffer signing



















Olivia Thorp, Chief Deputy of the Licking County Clerk of Common Pleas Court’s Office And Candidate for Municipal Clerk of Courts.

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by


Olivia Thorp, Chief Deputy of the Licking County Clerk of Common Pleas Court’s Office And Candidate for Municipal Clerk of Courts.

The General Division of the Licking County Common Pleas Clerk’s office focused this year on increasing services yet reducing costs to taxpayers. We did this in several ways.  For example, we implemented new procedures to expedite the filing of state tax liens and to electronically process certified mail.  The Clerk’s office also worked with other county departments to streamline the process of filing felony criminal cases.  Finally, we made use of current technology to increase productivity and provide better service
to the citizens of Licking County.
The Clerk’s office currently files roughly 6,000 tax liens each year, with a majority coming from the Attorney General’s Office.  At a minimal cost, we
were able to purchase software that allows these liens to be filed almost automatically.  This prevents deputy clerks from having to enter the information manually, which, as a result, increases productivity and efficiency.  Similarly, our office was able to utilize our current case management software to produce daily and weekly hearing schedules in a more timely fashion.  Previously, the Clerk’s office manually compiled a list of defendants scheduled to appear before the Court’s Magistrate for various hearings, which required many hours each week to complete.   By working with the vendor and our IT department, we are now able to produce this hearing list in mere minutes by
using the software’s scheduling feature.  In addition, the list now includes other necessary information to assist the Court during the hearing.

Earlier this year, Licking County implemented an innovative process to eliminate the filing of felony criminal cases in two separate courts.  Previously, paperwork
was first filed in Municipal Court, and then transferred to the Common Pleas Court once a defendant was indicted. Not only was this creating twice the work, it could also be confusing to the defendants. Now, the entire case is handled once in the Common Pleas Court from start to finish.  This means a single case number is assigned, a single judge hears the case, one initial bond hearing is held, and defendants are appointed counsel more quickly.  The Clerk’s office worked in conjunction with other county departments to make this new process work.  So far, hundreds of cases have been processed more efficiently with fewer burdens on our resources.

In an effort to reduce the cost of sending the approximately 15,000 pieces of certified mail we process each year, the Clerk’s office has started using electronic return receipts.  We anticipate this move will save taxpayers about $19,500 annually.  Additionally, we have reduced the cost of mailing jury information to our court’s roughly (8,000) prospective jurors by condensing the contents of the packets.  Beyond using computers to save taxpayers money, we have made more information available online regarding auto titles and notaries.  This provides the public a more convenient way to access the information they desire.

It has been my goal as Chief Deputy to continually examine the processes in our office and look for ways to make the Clerk’s office run more smoothly.  I believe this is done through gaining input from the individuals who do the work on a daily basis, communication with other county departments and the citizens who are affected by it.  I am excited for the opportunity to put similar efficiencies to work if elected as your next Municipal Clerk of Licking County.