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Message from Licking County Republican Party

Welcome to the Licking County Republican Party’s Website. We are proud of our fine Republican office holders and our solid Republican volunteers. We would welcome your participation in our Republican Party events. Click on our links and get to know our Republican Party. Licking County is the place to live and enjoy the values of good government and good people. Vote Republican and keep our party growing.


Unprecedented times – Thank you to our Leaders – AND – the recipients of our Annual Licking County REPUBLICAN SERVICE CHAIRMAN’S AWARD as well as Licking County REPUBLICAN BUSINESS LEADER AWARD

Posted on: April 16th, 2020 by

As all of you know, the last few months we have witnessed unprecedented times.  We are fortunate and blessed to have Republican leaders such as President Trump, Vice President Pence, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted as well as our Republican County Sheriff Randy Thorp, Republican County Commissioners Tim Bubb, Duane Flowers, Rick Black, Newark Mayor Jeff Hall.  Additionally, many of our Republican elected officials are serving on council in our cities and villages are leading the way during this difficult time.  Thank you to our elected officials, Sheriff Thorp and his deputies, our local Police and Fire, Healthcare professionals, Truck Drivers, Farmers, Grocery/Pharmacy workers and all essential workers.  God Bless you and be safe.


As a consequence of the stay at home order, our Licking County Republican Party’s Annual Lincoln Dinner was postponed.  Once the state reopens, the celebration will be rescheduled.  We were excited to have a commitment from a national speaker who was to speak on April 22nd.  Our Republican State Central Committeeman Doug Wills and the ORP were instrumental in assisting us with obtaining a national speaker.  It is our hope that upon the ability to have large gatherings again that we will once again be able celebrate with you.


Since we are unsure about a future date at this time and in order to keep our annual tradition, I am pleased to share with you the recipients of our Annual Licking County REPUBLICAN SERVICE CHAIRMAN’S AWARD as well as Licking County REPUBLICAN BUSINESS LEADER AWARD that are traditionally presented at our Lincoln Dinner. While we are not able to present these awards in person this year, we will recognize them in a press release, online and in these posts with the hopes that we can recognize these amazing individuals in person at a future.


Licking County Republican Party 2019-2020 Chairman’s Republican Service Award

& Republican Business Professional Award. It is an unprecedented year and this year, The Chairman’s Republican Service Award goes to 2 individuals who time after time go beyond what is asked and pretty much 100% of the time, want to remain behind the scenes without recognition.  However, these individuals are often those who I can speak frankly with, openly with and sometimes agree to disagree.  I cherish their opinions and all the hard work they put in to helping republicans behind the scenes.  This year for the Republican Service Award, I am please to present this recognition to Cheryl Robertson and Helen Hall.



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