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Message from Licking County Republican Party

Welcome to the Licking County Republican Party’s Website. We are proud of our fine Republican office holders and our solid Republican volunteers. We would welcome your participation in our Republican Party events. Click on our links and get to know our Republican Party. Licking County is the place to live and enjoy the values of good government and good people. Vote Republican and keep our party growing.


We have a seat waiting for you

Posted on: September 3rd, 2016 by

We have a seat waiting for you at Headquarters. Sign up to Volunteer at Headquarters. Monday through Friday shifts are 10-12; 12-2; 2-4; 4-6; Saturdays 10-12; 12-2; 2-4. Email us at or message us. Door to Door and phone banks are ready. Can you take a list? Each list has about 50 voters on it.

Also, do you know a high school student or college student who is looking for an internship this fall. See below about the LCRP Internship Program.


*Sept 15th – LCGOP Judicial Salute – Honoring Retired Federal Judge Greg Frost 5:30pm-8pm – sponsored by the LCRP Judicial Salute Cmt Acct – $60 pp, $1000 Gold sponsorship, $500 Silver sponsorship, $250 Bronze sponsorship – At the Buxton Inn 313 Broadway, Granville OH. RSVP and payment due by Sept 8th, Payment to LCRP-Judicial Acct., 48 N. 4th St., Newark OH 43055. For information email Billie at Comments by Retired Judge Jon Sparh, Judge Tom Marcelain, and Wendell Parkinson. Special guests Appeals Court Judge Craig Baldwin, Judge David Gormley, Appeals Court Judges Pat Dewine and Pat Fischer(Candidates Supreme Court), Judge Richard Wright, Judge Duke Frost.

*Sept 21st Meet & Greet for Bill Hayes for County Prosecutor 7pm-9pm in Madison Twp – details to follow.

*Sept 26th Event for Supreme Court Candidates Judge Pat DeWine and Judge Pat Fischer 4:30pm-6:30pm Palumbo’s restaurant on Downtown Newark square – Details to follow.

* Oct 6th Clambake – Lobsters from Maine are on order…. Save the Date – Limited number of tickets. Contact Curtis Johnson for more details 740-403-9246

* Nov 18th – LCGOP Tailgate Friday Night!!!! Night before the OSU v Michigan St. Game. Save the Date – Details to follow.

HELP Support the LCRP – Early Voting will start in just over 30 Days. Giving local helps to ensure slate cards and materials get to voters promptly.

Give securely today by clicking HERE . You can also mail a contribution to Licking County Republican Party PO Box 431 Newark OH 43058 .

LCRP – Internship program:
The Licking County Republican Party’s Fall Internship Program.

The Licking County Republican Party’s Internship Program is an opportunity for students to learn one or more aspects of the operations of a political party. Interns will have mentors from within the party who they will interact with each week. Mentors will include Republican Party officials, elected officials at the state, county and local levels of government, as well as judicial fields. Interns must be entering or in their junior or senior year in high school or be enrolled in college. Students seeking an internship shall complete the following information page and submit to the Licking County Republican Party c/o Billie Fiore-Zimmers, Chairman. Applications may be sent to Licking County Republican Party 48 N. 4th St., Newark OH 43055 or emailed to

The Fall Program runs from September 15th through November 15th. Internships dates are flexible and alternative time frames may be established upon approval of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The program is conducted at the Republican Party Headquarters in Newark. Fall and Spring Programs usually run between 4pm to 6pm if scheduled on Mondays-Thursdays and 8am-10am or 10am – 12noon on Saturday. Final schedules are set based upon the student’s availability in order to accommodate school and family activities. Additionally, travel around the county to meet and work with elected officials may be included in some of the programs. Schedules are set based on weekly assignments. Some evening hours may be required to attend political or community events and Republican Executive Committee meetings. Students may participate in the program for multiple terms. For students who have completed a prior program, they will be given more advanced roles in their second, third or subsequent terms.

There are 3 Internship paths include:

Assistant Political Executive Director Internship

The Assistant Political Executive Director Intern will work in coordination with the Chairman and Vice Chairman in creating and maintaining a grassroots network and assisting in running the day to day operations of the headquarters. Interns will assist in developing ways to recruit grassroots volunteers, candidates and educate the republican voters. Interns should have experience working with Excel and Word computer programs. Interns will assist in identifying demographics within the voting population and develop strategy for outreach. Interns will be responsible for contacting elected official to gather information on campaigns and activities. Interns will assist in updating and maintaining data and contact information on elected officials, voters and volunteers. Interns will assist with scheduling political events and ensure proper staffing requirements are met.

Assistant Political Director Internship

The Assistant Political Director Intern will work in coordination with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Political Director in creating a viable and strong political organizational framework. Interns will assist in developing regional activities with local townships, municipalities, county and state officials along with members of the Licking County Republican Executive and Central Committee members. Additionally, Interns will assist in establishing networking skills among these groups, as well as outreach programs to establish contacts of individuals who are interested in seeking office. Interns will be required to prepare reports on activities which will be submitted to the Executive Committee and be asked to present overview of their activities at the Executive Committee’s Monthly meeting.

Assistant Political Press/Public Relations Director Internship

The Assistant Political Press/Public Relations Director Intern will work in coordination with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary with weekly contacting of current elected officials and potential candidates. Interns will conduct interviews of elected officials regarding the official’s job duties and responsibilities, current issues within the offices and community. Interns will be required to draft articles and press releases based on interviews conducted with elected officials. Interns will work with the Party’s Press contacts to establish contacts and relationships with reporters, as well as track press and media coverage, distribute and post press releases, and monitor Local, State and National Republican activities. Interns will assist in developing and implementing a social media strategy to effectively communicate the Licking County Republican Party’s priorities

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